Learn from the best growth marketers in the industry.

Zen Academy offers structured training courses in digital marketing and development to make you fully job-ready.
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Benefits of Zen Academy

Learn how to run successful campaigns and think like professionals who have been implementing marketing strategies to grow client business revenues to millions of dollars.

We are the team behind the renowned marketing agency Weboptimizers. We have grown the likes of Luna Park, Melbourne Central, Novotel, Bfree & countless other name brands using our SEO services & PPC management.

World-class professional instructors

Learn from the best growth marketers in the industry.

Upskill Yourself

Simply add other skills to your digital marketing arsenal.

Cutting-edge techniques

You will learn cutting-edge techniques that work well in marketing today.

Real world experience

Don’t just learn theory but work on actual businesses with actual business problems.

Lifetime job assistance

Lost your job? Come back to us anytime for warm intros to top tech companies.

Offer training to your teams!

  • A multitude of cutting-edge courses

    Your staff will improve their decision making using data by learning from Zen.

  • Customised training options

    On-campus courses? Individual training?  Tell us what you need and we can customise specific courses for you.

  • Knowledge applicable to your company

    Our instructors create course catered specific to your industry or niche.

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Digital Marketing course - mascot

Ready to start

Work with some of the best growth hackers in Australia to improve your odds of getting placed in marketing.

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